iLight LED Dimming rack to 3rd Space Gym in Soho

iLight LED Dimming rack to 3rd Space Gym in Soho

Camlar have supplied an SCLED1205 iLight lighting control system to 3rd Space Gym located in London’s Soho,

Equipment included the LED SCLED 1205 LED Dimming rack and SCH1210S Ballast Control Dimming Rack to the extension to the 3rd Space Gym.

Wide Compatibility with Leading and Trailing Edge Operation SCLED is the new electronic dimmer designed specifically for today’s demanding LED and incandescent load characteristics. The versatile SCLED features individually selectable leading or trailing edge dimming channels, and avoids the many problems associated with traditional mains dimmers such as high minimum load or the requirement for a ‘ballast’ load. SCLED requires no minimum or synthetic load
providing a smooth dimming curve to single or multiple LED lamps.

No Minimum Load

Silent LED Dimming
Choosing LED lamps should not be a game of chance. Dimmer parameters on SCLED are adjustable on a channel by channel basis to ensure the best possible performance from each lamp type according to their capabilities.
Extensive testing of many popular mains dimmable LED lamps has been a fundamental part of the development of SCLED.

SCLED 1205



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