Vandervall House

Vandervall House

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Vandervall House

New Lighting Control system fitted to Vandervall House,

Camlar have completed the upgrade of the lighting control system to Vandervall House in Maidenhead.

The existing ECS 8719 Lighting modules were removed and a new Spectrum Lighting system using New 9 way Lighting Modules installed with new bus cabling and all existing light cables and sockets were used to reconnect the existing lights to the new Lighting system,

Elite Electricians were contracted to do all electrical installation work out of working hours to reduce the disruption to the working offices.

Today’s modern buildings demand integrated lighting control solutions to work efficiently. ALC network solutions can be configured for a wide spectrum of uses from individual and open planned offices through to the largest commercial spaces such as shopping centres and airports. Our objective is to bring flexibility and user convenience to the space to meet your current and future needs whilst maximising energy efficiency.

Based on CANbus technology, ALC networks feature distributed intelligence and fully programmable software to deliver a tailored solution including strategies for occupancy and daylighting.

All ALC lighting control products are independently tested to comply with the European Standards and Directives for noise immunity and safety and are CE marked accordingly.


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    Vandervall House

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