Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Camlar have many years experience in the lighting controls industry, Camlar lighting controls can supply and install lighting control systems from the manufacturers listed here

Control of lighting is proven to be a major contribution to energy saving and efficiency in buildings and will:

  • Reduce electricity bills & the amount of energy used.
  • Significantly contribute to lowering your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.
  • Create & maintain optimum comfort levels.
  • Give you the potential to qualify for up front tax relief.
  • Make maintenance easier.

Camlar Lighting Systems can be fitted at new build or refurbishment stage with an easy retro fit option available. We offer FREE site surveys, proposals together with a Payback Analysis for each project. Our range of Lutron Homeworks, iLight and Dynalite lighting solutions are second to none, giving you the best lighting and lighting controls for any environment.

The need for lighting control It is a scientifically proven fact that light affects people’s moods. By controlling the lighting in an area, different moods can be artificially created for the desired effect, whether it be a relaxing atmosphere or to stimulate a lively response – our iLight and Dynalite control systems are perfect for creating the best lighting environment.

The Benefits of Lighting

In restaurants, for example, different scenes may be required to create a suitable atmosphere, depending on the time of day, e.g. brighter lights at breakfast time, but more subdued lighting effects at dinner. Both effects are designed to entice customers by creating what is thought to be the most desirable ambience for the occasion.

Offices are benefiting from lighting control systems more and more with the increasing difficulty to overcome glare on PC monitors and other equipment which is reflective, such as AV systems, plasma screens, etc. It is also a well-known fact that light can affect people’s moods and in-turn productivity.

Therefore gradually altering the levels of light throughout the day working with external lux levels, perhaps by incorporating daylight sensors maintains optimum light levels and can increase productivity in an office.

In Retail, lighting can be used to encourage people into shops and draw attention to products which shoppers may not normally notice, therefore increasing the potential custom and in-turn stimulating sales.

Special effects using fibre optics, colour wheels, etc. can be incorporated to create more interesting features to set the building apart from competition, therefore, creating interest among potential customers.

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