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Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Camlar have many years experience in the lighting controls industry, Camlar lighting controls can supply and install lighting control systems from the manufacturers listed below

Control of lighting is proven to be a major contribution to energy saving and efficiency in buildings and will:

The Benefits

  • Peace of mind for vital installations.
  • Plan maintenance costs to work within agreed budgets.
  • Maintain system peak performance.
  • System tuning visits for maximum visual impact and energy saving.
  • Planned visits to suit your schedule.
  • Flexibility built in to pull forward planned dates for unexpected needs.
  • Fully trained staff pre-vetted for work on your site
  • Full site reports
  • Scheduled maintenance days
  • Preventative maintenance days
  • Emergency call out priority
  • Agreed response times
  • Remote system diagnostics and reprogramming where applicable
  • Scene set visits
  • Version control updates
  • User and new staff training

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Emergency Lighting

Camlar engineers have been trained in Emergency lighting and automatic emergency test systems , In a building emergency, especially fire, fast panic-free evacuation is absolutely essential. This is why UK legislation demands reliable, good quality emergency lighting to ensure that escape routes are properly illuminated so that people can see to get to a place of safety.

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Servicing & Maintenance

A major factor in benefiting from the energy savings that a lighting control system can offer is to keep the system fully functional throughout the course of its life span. We offer full service and maintenance for all systems, and can support some of the older systems that some manufacturers deem to be obsolete

Equipment Repairs

As mentioned above, some systems become obsolete as manufacturers improve or update their control system offers over time. Equipment failures can then become a problem to the end user, as newer equipment is not always compatible with that on their sites, and budgetary constraints will not permit a full building upgrade.

By providing a repairs service we aim to keep systems functioning, allowing system upgrades to be planned and budgeted for in the future.

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We supply and install solutions and parts from the following Manufacturers