New Dali Lighting Control System to Pearson Harlow Edinburgh Gate

New Dali Lighting Control System to Pearson Harlow Edinburgh Gate

Camlar have supplied a new 910 Dali Router based lighting control system to Pearson Harlow, the new lighting has been converted to Dali LED in the original specialist Lighting Floor Lamps using a Dali 444 Module for Local Switching control

Also included was to fit the new LED solution XyFi modules which have been incorporated for automatic emergency testing of the area, where LED Indicator is also the emergency light source.

The Worlds Smallest LED Solution

What if the LED Indicator could also be the emergency light source?

• XY-Fi – the worlds smallest Emergency LED conversion system
• XY-Fi – easy to install and maintains the original OEM luminaire design
• XY-Fi – so discreet you hardly know its there
• XY-Fi – designed for unobtrusive and seamless integration for a wide range of luminaire types
• XY-Fi – small but packs a powerful punch, typically delivering greater than 6m spacing’s

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Camlar oversaw the removal of  the old ECS Wiremaster lighting control system using 8704 modules which were failing and to integrate the new Dali controls for Automatic Emergency test and time control.

Camlar where contracted to Elite Electrical who installed and all equipment and LED fittings.

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